Multifunctional CRM

The system created offers restaurants, fast food outlets, and cafes the ability to quickly advertise special menu offers and e-voucher discounts in real time, direct to a customer’s mobile device.

The Front End is simple from a customer interaction point of view and design. they simply see a clean and clearly designed page, which shows the daily offer, e-voucher or full menu – this is optimised for mobile device viewing.

The Back End of this product allows the restaurant owner the ability to use an admin portal to choose a template to create the webpage they want customers to hit. This Back End template is editable and will allow the adding of menu items, menu dietary options, the types of offers that can be applied to menu items and also a tool to create e-vouchers. Designed to be used quickly and intuitively, even from a mobile device, so offers can be created in moments to attract customers or channel customer decisions to menu items the restaurant owner wants to highlight.

Estrada de Paço de Arcos 66, Room 1-39C, Cacém, Lisboa,
Portugal, 2735-336